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Human Memory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Human Memory - Essay Examplee details of a story that had occurred a long time ago, the flow of complicated phrases of long songs, and many other such features, is beca utilize of retention. This occurs as a process of randomness retention in which ones experiences are archived, and these can be get when recalled. Memory and learning are mutually and closely interrelated. Learning is the acquisition of new knowledge and skills, and memory is the retention of this knowledge. Ability to consider the past, think in the present, and predict the future, as well as the use of language are all based on learning and human memory.Memory is also understand as a comprehensive term ranging from memories of childhood and autobiographical memory, to the stream of facts recalled as a settlement of a trigger. It includes the memory for faces, both familiar and those that require concentration to recognise. The memories for taste and smell, sounds and shapes as well as the feel of things are dir ectly related to the senses, and can trigger off a flood of nostalgia (Samuel, 1999 49).1) study flows through the brain Sensory iinformation is stored in the sensory store in the cortex. Then some of the information is quickly transferred before it is lost, into the short-term store, and then the rehearsal buffer, and finally into long-term memory storage in the sensory cortex, state Loftus and Loftus (1976). The Papez circuit travels from the hippocampus, around the limbic system and cortex, back to the hippocampus. The strengthened memory paths incur a part of long-term memory (Squire, 1991).2) How neuron networks store and retrieve memories Neuron networks such as the Papez circuit entrenches temporary connections between visual, hearing and limbic neurons to form a new lasting memory. A network in the cortex that contains a particular sensation forms a path defined by its synapses. This is the firing path for nerve impulses that stores and invokes the particular sensation to evoke a related

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Hebrews essay 3 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Hebrews 3 - Essay ExamplePriesthood is relevant to a better pact and a better relationship with graven image. messiah brought forth a impudent covenant doing away with the aged covenant. From doing so, Hebrews believe that they will have a stellar relationship with God by following Jesus & his new covenant (Douglas 48). The belief regarding Hebrews believing that following Jesus as the new covenant will lead to a better working relationship with God and fissure men. As such, it is only with probable cause that the author explains how such a faith in Jesus shows his authority and superiority.Upon believing in the new covenant, a Hebrew believes there is no need for the old covenant. Not only religion-wise but also custom wise where traditional practices in the old covenant like circumcision, various rituals, festivals & Sabbaths were refused hence spiritually held no merit. Christianity circumnavigates around the fact that Jesus is their true means to God. The title that Jesus holds as the high priest clothed with holiness, blamelessness, pure and holy constitutes the major requirements that a Christian needs. Notably so, Christians to accept Jesus and follow his ways shows his superiority as a leader & figurehead in the church (Douglas 48).Clergymen in the Old Testament had to create sin forfeit every day, displaying that the ultimate remedy had not arrived yet. The arrival of Jesus Christ was so efficient relevant to face-off the requirements of the church. The arrival of Jesus ensured that the church implemented policies that only glorified God and that idol worship was refused and rebuked. In order to fully implement this, Jesus gave instructions to the Levitical priests to offer sacrifices & offerings to God as a sign of worshiping him.As a sign of portraying the significance of offering sacrifices to God, Jesus offered himself as a sign of obedience to God & sacrificing himself for his people. He offered

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Post traumatic Stress Disorder Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

mail traumatic centering Disorder - Essay ExampleThis resultant stressed mind negatively affects individuals ability to go normally and wrecks their daily life, further causing depression and in extreme cases psychological disorders. That is, in a stressed and depressed state, individuals may not be able to utilize their physical as s thoroughly as mental parts optimally. When that happens there will be a poor match mingled with the personal, societal expectations and the functional ability of the individuals, which in turn leads to disorientation of individuals psychological systems causing disorders like Post traumatic Stress Disorder (posttraumatic stress disorder). Background about posttraumatic stress disorder and the main claim or subject PTSD, an anxiety and stress related psychological disorder, can develop in individuals, when he/she is undetermined to a shocking event or ordeal, during which grave mental torture or physical harm has occurred. Traumatic events that ma y trigger PTSD may include violent personal assaults on the individuals, or when the individuals stay put caught in natural or human-caused disasters, accidents, or even military combat. (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). Individuals abnormal with PTSD could undergo grave mental ordeals, affecting not only their personal, professional and social lives, but alike that of their related and associated lives. This disorder will be visible in persons immediately after a traumatic event and could continue for a shorter or a longer time, according to the severity of the event. When persons are discompose with PTSD, they exhibit many symptoms like persistent frightening thoughts and memories of their ordeal, feeling emotionally detached as well as numb, especially with people they were once close to, experiencing sleep deprivation or problems, etc. (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). So, it is a difficult disorder that could afflict all types of individuals, particularly the people who hav e graduate(prenominal) chances of facing traumatic events like the soldiers in the battlefield, war returnees, etc. The severity of the affliction due to PTSD also depends on the character, thought process, physical ability and mental fortitude of the individuals. Because based on the supra mentioned qualities only, the individuals will cope up or given in to PTSD. This being the case, intervention options for the sufferers of PTSD has to be oriented based on their personal as well as social life. Although, various medications as well as psychological therapies are being practiced, it is of crucial importance in any system of treatment to include the partner as well as family members of the affected including that of the war returnees in the treatment process, with this essay focusing on that aspect. Symptoms and its repercussions As pointed out above, PTSD is a condition which is brought about by exposure to a traumatic incident that kind of plays back through flashbacks or in t he dreams/nightmares of the affected individuals. (Yehuda 67). The traumatic events could directly involve the individual, where he/she has been exposed to a threat of death, as well as other physical and psychological assaults, and also when someone else, who are known and close to the individuals, are exposed to the same threats and assaults. When they or others are under threat, it is natural for the individuals to get afraid, with that fear only triggering sizable split-second changes in the individuals body and preparing the body to face it or avoid it, through a rejoinder called

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Contemporary Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Contemporary Management - Assignment ExampleOrganisations argon open up with the place of being successful in meeting set objectives for the management. Being successful in Organisational management requires interplay of umpteen factors. It is a whole process ranging from people management to successful application of strategies that provide expected outcomes. In addition, there are some interpersonal and intrapersonal skills which when effectively implemented, are crucial towards achieving success in established organizations.In order to appear effective and successful, most Organisational managers themselves competitive advantages by scouting for best talents in human resources. In doing this, they hope that the key personnel can successfully achieve business objectives and deliver quality work to attract clients, hence becoming successful (Right Management 2014, para 1).Generally, there are many tools, strategies and formulas available to managers on how they can effectively work with both human and non-human resources to meet strategic goals and achieve Organisational objectives. Many of the tools available to managers will always present an extensive analysis of a wiz tool giving it more preference. When managers apply this tool it becomes strength to the organisation. Having wide knowledge about a certain concept is a huge advantage since it gives an organisation a competitive advantage. When the challenge arises it is usually effectively tackled and the organisation continues with normal operations without worries and doubts (British Quality Foundation, n.d, para, 2-3).However, the above approach is not very preferred in effective organizational management, there are many areas that drive overall success in organizations. Being good in one area alone means there are many others sidelined. This may bring a scenario where benefits from a particular initiative may not be noted or shared in the entire business organisation. Quality standards stipula te that

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Training Design Proposal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

readying Design Proposal - Assignment ExampleThe training melt is based on conducting the slaying review. The course is designed for managers and will take two days.The purpose of the training is to impart agnizeledge on how to usance effective feedback skills when conducting performance reviews. As a system, training is an integrated part that measures performance against a step linked to strategic objectives (Blanchard 2013). The objective of this training is to improve feedback skills as lack of proper feedback skills results in low-down performance within the organization. When managers fail to effectively deliver performance reviews to employees, then the result would be short(p) employee output and that would affect the overall performance of the organization.The training would entail variety, activity and participation. The learning outcomes for the programme is to pick up the needs of the managers, develop a training programme that meets these needs, implement the de veloped programme and lastly, evaluate the strong suit of the programme. The training is designed using the ADDIE model (Blanchard 2013). The model involves analysing the training programme, identifying the relevant design, developing the training programme, execution of the design and evaluation.The content covered in the topic will be based on performance review. The training will cover the significance of performance review and effective systems for performance review. Also include in the programme are barriers and ethical issues governing performance review, solutions to the identified issues and feedback from the managers upon completion of the training.At this stage, the flight simulator should identify the needs of the learners, the existing knowledge that they have regarding the topic and the existing gap between what they know and what additional knowledge they need to know. In this case, the topic to be discussed during this

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The Disciplines of Emergency Management Research Paper

The Disciplines of Emergency vigilance - Research Paper ExampleMitigation function differs from other emergency management disciplines since it focuses on the semipermanent solutions rather than preparedness for hazards or short-term recovery from hazard event. The National Mitigation Framework is channelize by four principles that include Resilience and Sustainability, Leadership, Locally focused implementation, Engaged partnership and Inclusiveness, and Risk-conscious culture (Haddow, steer & Coppola, 2013).My community has been involved in Hampton courses Virginia Area emergency mitigation project since the community is conquerable to hazards that threaten the lives of citizens and property in the area. The hazards cannot be eliminated and thus several actions were implemented to protect lives, property and create environment (Bumgarner, 2008).The first step was identification of threats and hazards in order to determine associated vulnerabilities and risks to the community. Some of the hazards that are founder include floods, hurricanes, tropical storms, land subsidence, sea level rise. Repeated floods are common on Hampton Road Virginia area and this strains the existing federal resources and local authority resources in dealing with the disaster. Accordingly, Hampton road is used to merchant marine hazardous materials and there has been more than 40 shots involving transport of hazardous materials since 2000. In this case, appropriate measures should be put option in place in order to reduce the possibility of spillage of hazardous materials after an accident (Jerolleman & Kiefer, 2012).Accordingly, an appropriate scientific methodology was used to determine the possibility of risk occurrence. The possibility of occurrence is highschool and the cost implications are high since floods and associated disasters destroy the existing road infrastructure and other related kindly amenities such as power lines. The

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Annotated bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Annotated Bibliography ExampleThe author considers offering an insight on the contributions of the organization towards addressing the interests of the market. The insights allows for the advance of the virtues that enable the true to emerge superior everyplace its rivals. Apparently, the author argues that the desire to be harvest-feastive and remain superior over its rivals is central in the organization.The author reflects further on detailed references that allow for the deliberation of the considered concerns and attributes. The prospective role of the respective organization remains accredited to the extent upon which they seek to utilize the available resources. The author considers salable skills and knowledge as being critical to the performance of the organization. The prospective roles of the skills considered available in the respective handle or departments remains regarded as the strengths of the firm.The authors commence with the evaluation of the role of the h andle shows have on the firms. They throw the participation in these events as an ideal marketing strategy for the respective firms. Apparently, the firms participating in the trade fairs or shows remain challenged with the concern of attracting persons of interests in their stands. The authors seem to relate to the challenge, and proceed to offer possible solutions that whitethorn assist in its mitigation. Additionally, they consider the possibility of sustaining these persons into the respective stands. The general argument remains vested on the draw of the clients, and drawing a sense of interest in the offered solutions. The authors advise on the respective branding and product promotion techniques that may be envisioned in the trade show. The central interest may be described to be the attraction of the clients and the sustainability of the respective stands.The paper nests its focus in the role of managers in the promotion of the interests of

Globalization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Globalization - Essay ExampleThe regional business apprehension chosen for this report is Mercosur. This harmony was created on 26 treat 1991, when Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay signed the accord of Asuncin to create the Southern Common Market. The sympathy now encompasses the four Latin American countries on with a fifth penis state Venezuela. The purpose of this slew agreement is to publicise give up good deal among the member countries and enable a fluid movement of goods, workers, and services.Mercosur has been actually successful in increasing intrabloc quite a little among its member countries and in reducing tariff and non-tariff barriers. Following this trade agreement, intrabloc trade increased from 9% to 25% of the total exports within eight years. This trade agreement enabled the formation of a common market promoting free trade. The Mercosur member countries similarly gained in bargaining supply to negotiate trade agreements with other countrie s. Interregional trade among the member countries tripled from the US $ 4.1 billion to the US $ 10.7 billion. All countries in the sub-region experienced increased growth of about 6.1% that was the highest to be recorded in a decade. From the figures released by the gentleman Trade Organization, it can be inferred that the trade agreement not only boosted trade among its members but also was successful in increasing trade with the shack of the world. Since the inception of Mercosur, there has been a 207% rise in trade among member countries and 122% increase in trade with the rest of the world.... (2) Report on a Regional Trade Agreement The regional trade agreement chosen for this report is Mercosur (Mercado Comun del Sur/Mercado Comum do Sul/Southern Common Market). This agreement was created on 26 March 1991, when Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay signed the Treaty of Asuncion to create the Southern Common Market. The agreement now encompasses the four Latin American coun tries along with a fifth member state Venezuela. The purpose of this trade agreement is to promote free trade among the member countries and enable a fluid movement of goods, workers and services (About MERCOSUR). Mercosur has been very successful in increasing intrabloc trade among its member countries and in reducing tariff and non-tariff barriers. Following this trade agreement, intrabloc trade increased from 9% to 25% of the total exports within eight years (Paiva and Gazel 116). This trade agreement enabled the formation of a common market promoting free trade. The Mercosur member countries also gained in bargaining power to negotiate trade agreements with other countries. Interregional trade among the member countries tripled from US $ 4.1 billion to US $ 10.7 billion. All countries in the sub-region experienced increased growth of about 6.1% that was the highest to be recorded in a decade. From the figures released by the World Trade Organization, it can be inferred that the trade agreement not only boosted trade among its members, but also was successful in increasing trade with the rest of the world. Since the inception of Mercosur, there has been a 207% rise in trade among member countries and 122% increase in trade with the rest of the world

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Depression - Family and Community Experience Assignment

Depression - Family and Community Experience - Assignment deterrent exampleThe results atomic number 18 severe for patients below six years as opposed to the other category. Studies on the show emotions shows that families of patients suffering from degenerative depression argon easily predicted by higher levels of Expressed Emotions. Patients suffering from disorders associated with conception record a poor outcome from medical experts. Other studies indicated that first mates found it hard to sh are with the familiar about their collaborators and this leads to reduced marital activities with the patient. In the long run, it happens that the patient feels unattended to and this and complicates his situation. This however results when the spouse to the patient feels embarrassed about the patients condition. Impacts of chronic illness and depression sharply take issue from one society to another and from one country to another. Despite the variations, what is common is that the situation bears with it serious damage implications. A patient suffering from depression is considered a waste to an economy in terms of productivity, this by it self is a form of a negative cost. Attempts in curative or reduction are yet other cost. In most set ups, human life is taken to be dominant and the responsibility is not left to the family alone but to the entire society. In some cases there is inability to persevere in a marriage where the patient is all a wife or husband. It makes the spouse to have mentality of trying to get their way out. This is attributed to effect in the sexual behavior and work which is not at par or anyway near the satisfaction level achieved before. In chronic situations, it leads to dysfunctioning of the livelong act as earlier stipulated as lack of interest or mood. In the new-made past, it has been noted with keen interest that patients suffering from chronic depression pose a great nitty-gritty o the family members and those desti ned to take care of them. What this implies is that the care givers have to reduce the time the have to shrink in doing their personal activities such as leisure and other social activities after their relative has been diagnosed with depression. The family pass on tend to be more worried about the future with increased symptoms, effects and consequences. The effects are more staunch in families with poor base are compared to their rich counterparts. The community as whole participates in the sense that support can easily be mobilized from the social networks. The support can either be financial or just moral. Handling of depressed patients has effects as well. Parents of children with depression are reported to have a higher likelihood of contacting or suffering from psychological disorders such as the same mental depression. Thus children require more attention compared to adults. Therefore the risks in handling children is overmuch greater compared to adults Educational suppor t has been advanced on that note that is found capable of assistanting relatives in training of care to patients suffering from chronic depression. Although sources indicate that the much that has been advanced is too little and a further research is recommended. Such education is technically referred to as psycho education and it was purposely developed to assist in mitigation of the enormous difficulties and challenges encountered by

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How would you incorporate the concepts from the nursing theory to the Essay

How would you incorporate the concepts from the nursing theory to the nursing curriculum - Essay typefaceThe use of overt and formal ways of teaching caring requires the combination of classroom experience and the clinical application of caring. According to Cartwright, Davson-Galle and Holden, the nursing curriculum is based upon the predominant philosophy of existentialism (Cartwright, Davson-Galle, & Holden, 1992). It would be of the essence(p) to incorporate moral development lessons in the initial stages of nursing programs. The incorporation of moral development disciplineal activity encourages accountability, professional and personal autonomy, and the nurses ethical decisions in the workplace (Beck, 2001). The consideration requires the utilization of Christian values necessary for building a moral philosophy in nursing practice. The goal is to ensure that nurses honor the forgiving aspects of nursing, patients subjective experiences, and their inner life (Watson, 2001 ).It would be vital to integrate nursing education with liberal education in humanities, arts and sciences. Such an approach enables nursing students to obtain knowledge regarding social, economic, and political issues. They use the knowledge to analyze professional and societal problems, develop critical thinking skills, and appreciate the character of their professions (Beck, 2001). The aforementioned considerations bet on concepts and nursing theories essential for the translation of a nurses affective characteristics into appropriate, compassionate, and sensitive aspects of

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Reading and answer questions 5 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Reading and answer dubietys 5 - appellation ExampleFollowing the submission, the court held the VII betplace act that protects employees from workplace discriminations. I agree with the display slip-up since human dignity hold at all costs. Moreover, persons of the same sex must not get at each other since such actions reduces the dignity of the harassed and they are against work ethics.Question 2 of 4 IN MEDINA RENE V. MGM GRAND, enthrall paraphrase in your own words the following (1) the facts of the case (2) the issue/question presented (3) the holding/ final result (4) the reasoning and (5) if you agree or not with the case, why or why not?RENE V. MGM GRAND presented the question whether the accused should be charged under the under Title VII of the 1964 gracious Rights Act, 42 U.S.C. 2000e et seq (Meiners, Ringleb, and Frances 182). The case before that court was that plaintiffs coworkers harassed him based on his cozy orientation. The Supreme Court determined that the plaintiff was sexually harassed. This judgment was substantial in upholding the humanity at workplace and strengthening ethical conducts at workplace.Question 3 of 4 IN PROWEL V WISE, please paraphrase in your own words the following (1) the facts of the case (2) the issue/question presented (3) the holding/conclusion (4) the reasoning and (5) if you agree or not with the case, why or why not?This case was too a sexual harassment at workplace. It was a harassment was based subjected to a gay worker. The case was judged under Title VII however, the standing attorney related it to sexual stereotyping. His workers called him princess while the church called him sinner. in spite of the sexual harassments, the court dismissed Prowels case (Anzalone 142). This judgment was not appropriate since it was a core of encouraging stereotyping of homosexuality in the society.Schultzs work dwells on the sexual harassment at work place and the environments that may facilitate such harassments (G ould 166).

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Immigration Policies vs. Influences from a Criminal Justice Dissertation

in-migration Policies vs. Influences from a Criminal jurist position - Dissertation ExampleThe type of policy that is chosen by a estate ought to be in line with the societal goals that they do intend to achieve. In just about of the cases, as it is mentioned by Taksa, (2001) either ghostlike or racial bias is tied to the immigration policy that a country is have a go at iting with. scorn the fact that immigration policies do vary from one country to an new(prenominal) DeLaet, (2000) illustrates in his work that the most vital flavour that is addressed in immigration policies is the issue of refugees and the manner in which they argon toughened in the host country. The refugees are the homeless and helpless people who seek refuge in these pertly countries as their mother countries lack any hopes of survival. The policies that are used to address such kind of societal and more of ethnic issues are the ones that comprise the most important part of immigration polices as per Fa rley, (2008) analysis. It is withal brought to attention that the rise of terrorism in the globe today has brought with it very many consequences. National Immigration Forum (U.S.) (2000) states that terrorism is the of import reason as to why national securities have been tightened more and more. This is an aspect that too has brought very massive consequences that can never be ignored by any country in making its policies to address the issue of immigration. Americas Immigration Policies vs. Influences from a Criminal Justice Perspective The United States of America is a country that has been a product of generations of immigrants alongside their descendants. In malevolence of this outstanding history that the country has in terms of immigrants and policies that have been strategized for them, the country has been on the discern for mishandling policies that deal with immigration. Consequentially report by Rosenblum, (2000) indicates that the United States of America stands at a very compromising spot in the globe in as far as its management of immigration policies is concerned. On the other hand though, it is worth mentioning that the openness that the United States of America has had with its immigration policy has been key to a administer of scotch prosperity and military power that it has in the global arena today. Immigration policies have move around very crucial in the global world today where technology, trade and travel have interpreted a very huge step on being the main economic activities globally. Americas immigration policies have therefore to be carefully considered factoring in the fact that the three main economic pillars in the world today are being a serious determinant of the economic and military strength that a country does have. It is therefore a great reality as per the sentiments that are put forward by Bustamante, (2002) indicating that with more failure to not only strategize but also work through sound and sustainable polic ies of immigration, the United States of America faces a massive threat of being a wearied economy not only with an imperiled national security but also jeopardized diplomacy. The importance of immigration policies in America cannot at all be undermined because of the fact that immigration actually comes as one of the superlative stories of success that America can actually talk of. After welcoming very large numbers racket of immigrants, America has continued to enjoy a highly productive employment force and people well(p) integrated into America

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Critically discuss 'SWOT analysis is deeply flawed and should not be Essay

Critically discuss nerd analysis is deeply flawed and should not be applied as a modern market asshole. - Essay ExampleThe authorship also analyses the relevance of jampack analysis for the purpose of marketing analysis and concludes in dismissing the use of jam for strategic decision devising process and establishes it as a mere information guideline for managers.The SWOT analysis method is not, by each means, a process that can carry forth any strategic analysis, competitive analysis or an opportunity analysis. The tool is used to represent a coordinate that calls for extensive brainstorming while making any strategic decisions. As a result of such structure of the SWOT tool, it is doable that the problem being analysed or identified is broken down into heart stages and phases. Such brainstorming and breaking down of a problem into phases allows for gaining a huge collection of possible ideas that might have cause the problem or offer solutions to the issue at hand. Su ch SWOT tool can also be used multiple times (Symes, n.d.).The paper identifies that the SWOT tool is merely a step in the process of business plan or marketing initiative. For issues that take aim a deeper understanding an evaluation, the SWOT tool appears largely incapable and this is why it is considered to be a liberal overview of all the possible factors that might affect a marketing decision. The paper begins with a discussion on the drawbacks of the SWOT analysis tool as a base for modern marketing decisions and discusses its applicability flaws in relation with the marketing objectives. It concludes in stating that the SWOT is a presentation of facts and not a decision making tool. For the purpose of deeper understanding of issues, the SWOT lacks largely and needs to be assisted by other marketing tools (Queensland Government, 2013).It has been argued that the theoretical base for SWOT analysis is very weak. The analysis has been accused of being very piddling and not run ning deep into the analysis of the context. For example, the SWOT analysis states the facts just like a

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Discussions 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Discussions 2 - strain ExampleWhen they run off the road, its June Star who mentions that no one has been killed - yet. The lecturer knows the yet is inevitable when the third men get out of the car.In the grandmothers eyes Red Sammy is a good man. This is why OConnor tells the reader so much about him because she wants to characterize the difference between a good man and a bad man. This is the classic good vs. evil theme. There are only two references to Hiram in the completed story and they are both about him and his expertise of the car. He is not described at altogether other than saying he has a grey hat.A Narrow curse word in the can -- it seems that she is using personification in that she is giving a snake in the grass the title of boy. She in any case uses a lot of simile -- the grass divides with a comb (like hair is divided), the shaft of hair that is spotted. another(prenominal) simile, Unbraided in the sun as the snake slithers away instead of being picked up. A Narrow Fellow in the Grass is a metaphor because she is actually talking about a snake and not a boy. She also uses imagery because we can see the scene she points out. Using phrases like the first divide where she points out that the grass parts and then closes -- the reader can see this happening. Also, the fact that she gets a curt scared whenever she sees a snake, though she treats the snake with kindness.Wild Nights -- it seems that the writer is comparing wild desires (aka wild sexual desire) to the way that a ship at sea is thrown back and forth when the winds are highest. It is as thought her sexual desire (maybe she has had this happen before and wants a bit more) is as tempestuous as the sea.6. Black poets -- all of these men wrote poems about what they believed in and what they understood. They had many references to slavery and to the plight of the black man. all(prenominal) of their poems are vibrant with passion and imagery. Langston Hughes always seems to make th e reader see in similes. In let America Be America

Analysis of a Key Scripture of Buddhism Research Paper

Analysis of a Key Scripture of Buddhism - Research Paper Example in spite of appearance a framework of the present study, the Vimalakirti Sutra has been selected for analysis. This text is claimed to have been composed in India approximately in aboriginal 2nd century CE . Representing a story of a certain Vimalakirti, this sutra provides a sophisticated theological account of the concept of bodhisattva as the ideal form of attaining the waken, which is contrasted and compared with the traditional Buddhist idea of arhat. Nonetheless, the Arhatship is far from world rejected in the text of the sutra on the contrary, the text purports to provide instructions for both categories. The main propel of the Vimalakirti Sutra is aimed at the followers of the Mahayana tradition of Buddhism. This tradition encompasses a number of Buddhist schools and sects that, despite their manifold differences, defend on the necessity of helping the new(prenominal) being to achieve Awakening, rather tha n purely individual efforts at attaining this condition themselves. The former variant, known as the Bodhisattva Path, is construed as involving the dedication of life energies of the prospective bodhisattva to the assistance to other living beings, rather than disappearing from the worldly existence (sa?sara) at the end of the personal lifetime, as in the case of traditional concept of arhat. The collectivist impulse found in Mahayana allowed it to become more hot than traditional Southern schools of Buddhism in many regions of the world, including Japan, Mongolia, China, etc. The Mahayana Buddhism was not, however, a completely laymen-based phenomenon, as there is sound evidence that the monastic spiritualists play an important part in its suppuration (Mitchell 97). The main aim of Mahayana devotees has evermore been the definition of the essence of the Great Vehicle that can allow them to reach the condition of Buddha through the fashion of Bodhisattva. Such Great Vehicle wa s eventually associated with the altruistic desire (bodhicitta) to assist the other mortals in achieving the Awakening necessary to free themselves from the shackles of earthly existence. Various Mahayana schools used differing terminology to describe the specific stages that must be passed on the way to the state of Bodhisattva, but eventually the majority of Mahayana teachers situated down the sequence of cardinal Stages that are to be passed by the true Bodhisattva, with generosity, morality, tolerance, effort, concentration, and true wisdom being the most important virtues of this set. It is charge noting that it was the Vimalakirti Sutra that introduced this canon of virtues of Bodhisattva for the first time in history of Mahayana school. The role of the Vimalakirti Sutra for the adherents of Mahayana Buddhism is rather encompassing, as this is the text that laid down some of the most important tenets of Mahayana doctrine. The main subject of the sutra is both practical and philosophical, as it combines the banter of the most important themes in Buddhist ontology (e.g. the concept of emptiness, or sunyata) with the practical advice and contemplations on the integration of Mahayana Buddhist practices in daily life of the devotee. The Vimalakirti Sutra played an important role in further development of Mahayana cosmogony by introducing the concept of Buddha-field, it has connected the notions of cosmic existence inherited from the Hindu tradition with the specifically Buddhist philosophy of

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Assesment 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Assesment 2 - Essay ExampleIn the health vexation setting for example, there are numerous forms of predicaments and this includes health cautiousness fraud. The sapping of financial resources in the health care system, along with several other consequences, problems associated with personnel development plans and shortage of competent staff are equitable few of the magnified issues. The concerns on fraud and abuse greatly affected the everyday life of health care personnel particularly the nurse practitioners since these professionals are the front liners in terms of delivery of care. make practitioners (NPs) can hardly go away from working in clinical environments and this expose them further to financial issues of billing, reimbursement and revenue production issues. In other words, the described situation is somewhat stressful for them. Fraud is really described as any act, omission, expression, or concealment calculated to delude another individual, Merriam-Webster Diction ary of jurisprudence stated.Medicare and other government funded health benefit programs are usually the targets of these schemes. Billing for needless or the icon billing schemes, unperformed tests, and kickbacks are few of the some common fraudulent activity that burden most patientsthis is reported by the Social Security Act, Section 1128C reiterates that (a) of the designed the Health Care Fraud as well as Program for Abuse Control Program (Department of Justice, 2000).There are several approaches to consider concerns in an organization. One very important is the evaluation of the organizations strengths, weaknesses, as well as opportunities. If limitations in the human and/or financial resources are identified, it may be a necessity to allow for attention to the organizations opportunities through the use of phased approach.On the other hand, based on the Economic and Social inquiry Council Strategic Plan, (2009 p 5-7). Extensive consultations are very necessary to identi fy areas of strategic

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Confucianism vs. Daoism Essay Example for Free

Confucianism vs. Daoism EssayConfucianism and Daoism, although are intermingled among people who practice them, defecate very divergent views on what is necessary to become an exemplary person. Confucianism is based on the thought that education, history, twist, rules and regulation go away lead to act and becoming fully human. Daoists, although they view in order, hate structure, do non bank in education, and smell wandering, or going with the flow, being with reputation, is most master(prenominal) in life.While education is most important to Confucianism, it is least important to Daoism. Confuciuss believe that through education unitary is able to melt down up in society. Education is the energy or power that enables a person to climb the social ladder, so to speak. Daoism believe very different. For them, the most important thing is connecting with nature. To be like free flowing urine and to find your level, or connecting with nature, allows one to become a vir tuous person. Daoism and Confucianism extradite very different views on education within their religion.The importance of history is an other example of the differences among Confucianism and Daoism. While history is an important interrupt of Confucianism and what helps them to achieve high status, Daoists do not believe the past is important, they believe in spontaneity, and the importance to go with the flow and live in harmony with nature.For Confuciuss, rituals, etiquette and maintaining status quo, bring tranquility. There are five roles with relationships, rule/subject, parent/child, husband/wife, elder brother/younger brother, and friend/friend, which Confucians believe, along with the five virtues human-heartedness, justice, propriety, wisdom and faithfulness, build social order and full human beings. For Daoists the history is not important or relevant, it is the wandering, having no way, or going with the flow, that will help find the way itself.Each of these religion s has their own thought as to what will make one fully human and how to achieve the highest measure out in life. For Daoists, they believe the conundrum is that we let life slip away and think the solution is to live life to the fullest and flourish like nature.They believe that this is only possible if we live life in harmony with the natural rhythms of the Dao, which is the natural way, imitating nature. Confuciuss have a different mindset, because they believe that through hard do work and education they are able to move up in society helping them to flourish and become more human and achieve their highest value in society. Both Confucianism and Daoism involve to become fully human and achieve their highest level except they have very different views on how to achieve this goal.To live in harmony for Daoists is to flourish with the nature of things. They believe that humans are made to flourish like trees, but this is only possible if we live in harmony with nature. This is accomplished through the Dao. According to Daoists, when we give into formal education, social conventions, and rituals we die a short each day by acting intentionally and not with the heart.This leads to thinking too much and not going with the flow or with nature. In Confucianism this is quite opposite because by acting intentionally and by-line social order, through education, social conventions and rituals, they believe this makes up more human. Confucians believe that through social structure and obedience we seat live in harmony with each other. For Confucians the goal is social order. They believe that the problem is chaos and worried about society falling apart without social order. These ii religions, although they both want harmony, have a very different way to achieve this.One of the major aspects of Confucians is to incline yourself to discover rather than speak, to follow the rule and behave in the proper manor. This is not true for Daoists who believe in following nature, not to think but to just go with it. Confucians feel that our actions should have a utilization and that in order to sustain social order we must act according to our status, traditions, and follow Li, which pith to arrange in order. Also important to Confuciuss is etiquette, customs, manners, ceremony, courtesy, civility and propriety. Li and ren are two important concepts in Confuciuss thought because they both lead to self-cultivation and social harmony.Ren, which is human-heartedness, is inward and subjective, li, ritual, etiquette, and propriety, is outer and objective. While li and ren are important to Confucius, the Dao is important to Daoists. The Dao, or the way, is the way of untamed nature and hearty human life. Through the Dao there is an authentic natural order that results.Although these two religions are quite different in their fundamental thinking it is important to note that they do work to complement each other in their societies. People in china feel Daoists adopted Confucius as one of their own. Each of these two religions coexists. The text explains this well when it says, Confucianisms communitarianism and Daoisms individualism, Confucianisms formalism and Daoisms flow, the hard yang of Confucianism and the soft yin of Daoism. It is say that they are Confucians at work, Daoists on the weekend and Buddhists at death. This goes to say that these religions derriere be intertwined throughout this society and people do not need to adopt and follow just one religion.In conclusion it is important to note that, although these two religions have very different ideologies, they do work to create peace and serenity. They both do not believe in a God but in a higher power and promote becoming fully human to achieve that higher power. I find it interesting how different the concepts in these religions are but yet how people can acclimate themselves to being both Confucians and Daoists at the same time. For how different each of these r eligions are I can understand how following order and knowing your place is society is important as well is connecting with nature to find your true self.Works CitedChan, Alan K.L.Daoism. April 2013. http//www.oxfordbibliographies.com.Confucianism. China during time of Confucius. 2007. http//www.highbeam.comConfucianism. cyclopedia Britannica online. http//www.britannica.comConfucianism values and order. Faces People, Places, and Cultures. May 2010. www.highbeam.com.Daoism (Chinese philosophy and religion). Encyclopedia Britannica. www.britannica.com.Miller, James. 2013 August. Daoist Studies. Daoism and Daoist Studies. http//www.daoiststudies.org/

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Electronic Medical Records and Safety Essay Example for Free

Electronic Medical Records and Safety EssayThe article titled computing device Security Experts Perspective on Electronic Medical Records presents the views of an Information Technology (IT) security expert, Troy Thomas, on electronic checkup records (EMR). Thomas is the Chief Security and Privacy Officer for tellCorp which is the parent company of Key Bank. Thomas has a bachelors degree in Computer Information Sciences from Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH. Thomas asserts that the medical diligence is slowly becoming computerized and, eventually, electronic medical records will be the norm. He points out that, however, getting from a highly distributed, paper-based model to a fully computerized EMRs model will be challenging. Changing to a to a greater extent computerized EMRs model will introduce risks that the current paper-based model does not have and will solve almost of the inherent risks associated with the current model. The current paper-based model inhere ntly has the following risks records are susceptible to fire, flood, mold, termites, decay, fading of ink, and malposition of an entire folder or subsections.Paper records are easily copied or stolen, easily entreeed by place personnel or people who just happen to be near an unattended folder of medical records. An EMRs model inherently has the following risks computer equipment burn down fail or break, technology changes quickly, and information stored a long time ago may not be easily accessed at a next date. Information that was once stored toilet become inaccessible information can be accessed by unofficial individuals. Electronic information can be altered.Electronic components do not react well to fire, water, dust, dirt, humidity, beingness dropped, or being abruptly unplugged. To mitigate these inherent risks, modern computer centers have strict environmental controls to ensure that computer equipment is run in an optimal environment and is backed up and available at an alternative site (for disaster recovery purposes) and has proper security controls deployed to ensure that information can be accessed by authorized personnel only. Technology controls exist that can prohibit information frombeing altered. For example, there are direct access storage devices that allow information to be written once and pronounce many times. The inherent risks of the paper-based model and the EMRs model are vastly different but mitigating controls exist that can adequately address the basic inherent risks described thus far. Typical, practicing physicians, however, cannot be expected to set up a dedicated computer center with all of the environmental, physical, and logical access controls that are ask to adequately safeguard their patient records.Therefore, for true EMRs to be really secure, a model or protocol is needed whereby physicians store their patients medical records at a reputable and secure data center that offers the physicians an outsourced servi ce for accessing and storing EMRs. Unfortunately, a centralized computing model introduces new inherent risks for example, are the outsource agencies reputable and can they be trusted with patient medical record information?With medical record information coming in from multiple physicians, a unique patient identification number would be needed so that records could be appropriately combined within patient files. With so much information in one place, polish off controls would be needed to ensure that the people accessing the information receive only the information that is truly needed. Ensuring that timber information is captured and maintaining patient privacy will be the most challenging aspects of EMRs. Computers dont improve quality. However, computers can guard quality issues and mistakes much to a greater extent visible and potentially harmful.The author highlighted that the EMRs journey will probably parallel of latitude some of the issues that exist with electronic vot ing where so many questions such as whether society can trust the vendors who sell the voting equipment. Can a vote be altered after it has been thread? How does society effectively centralize a highly decentralized model? Can foreign governments trim down American voting equipment and influence an election? How is a persons voting history stored and secured? In the end, EMRs will be a reality in the healthcare industry.The benefits of centralized electronic patient medical records outweigh the risks associated with ever-changing the model. Ultimately, it is a question of trust, not technology. Will physicians trust their patients to stay with them when their patient medical records are more easily transferred to another doctor? Will patients trust that their medical records are appropriately safeguarded against inappropriate access and that the information contained within their records is accurate and of high quality? Ultimately, Thomas believes the answer to these questions is yes in the long run.

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The Background of Fairy Tales stories and their Multiple Versions Essay Example for Free

The Background of Fairy Tales stories and their Multiple Versions try outThe Background of Fairy Tales stories and their Multiple VersionsIn this essay, I am going to discuss the different chance variables that sources had pen virtually the famous fairy tale Little chromatic Ridding tough by Charles Perrault, or virtuallytimes known as Little Red Cap by the Grimm Br early(a)s. To start we are going to be arguing a critical essay explaining why fairy tales are created, and whats the substantiveity laughingstock these stories.First, harmonise to a critical essay The trials and tribulations of Little Red Ridding roughneck by Jack Zipes on that point had been different versions of this famous fairy tale each of them are related to the actual world that we stand up in. In this critical essay, Zipes talks roughly the origins of Little Red Ridding cowling tale and he excessively discusses the new version that was updated or recreated by Perrault. As we all(a) know, the character Little Red Ridding Hood has been used to warn kids about the consequences of disobedience or the consequences of talking to strangers. At the beginning of the essay, Zipes says, Little Red Ridding Hood has never enjoyed an easy life (P.1). This line grabs my attention because it makes me realize that Little Red Ridding Hood is a character that is meant to reflect the disobedience and its consequences. This girlfriend didnt constitute an easy life and shes never going to get a better one because this world is getting harder, also, I whoremonger say that these tales are created to show and teach children about whats going on around the world, especially to innocent girls because they have to be in guard of wolf down/ hands who fate to abuse them.For example, we all know that in the 21st century, there are earthly concerny wolves that want to eat innocent girls, merely as we know those wolves evict be very intelligent and show themselves attractive and gentle, but at the end of the day they will show their sharp teeth to attack their prey. Furthermore, Zipes mentions that Little Red Ridding Hood has suffered abused after abused and that seems to be very suspicious. In my opinion, there is nothing suspicious about it, because that was the way that it was on the past where men abused women just because they thought they were superior to women. However, we know that at present it is not like that anymore because women have proclaimed equality between men and women. Therefore, I mean that in the 21st century fairy tales show characters that can take control of dangerous situations without the table service ofa huntsman, police man etc. In other words, women are more capable to tug for their own safety because they have learned that men are not superior to women.The social run short of Little Red Ridding Hood is to teach children how dangerous it could be to talk to strangers, which makes sense because the scenes of this story tie exactly what could happen to them if they disobeyed their parents advices. One interesting circumstance that we can see in any version of Little Red Ridding Hood is that the girl always deceived the wolf and saves herself without the military service of her grandma, hunting watchs, police, or father This path that kids need to learn how to take care of themselves and learn to be independent because there might be occasions where mom or dad are not going to be there to help them. I believe that kids need to grow up with these tales tales that are take away (and by appropriate I mean tales with no sexual content) to their age. Like that they can learn how to execute confident and independent.Now lets talk about Perraults Transformation of the TaleOne important fact that I can mention about Perraults transformation of Little Red Ridding Hood is that this writer wrote devil different versions of the tale (one for children and there is a another one for adults). What I like the most of this fac t is that parents can be more confortable that their kids are learning good things from this tale and most importantly, the content is according to their age. For example I can mention a video cartoon that I watched on YouTube authorise Red Hot Ridding Hood in which Little Red Ridding Hood is dancing on a bar and is there when the wolf goes crazy about her. In this video the wolf looked and spoke to the girl in a sexual way. As we see, this cartoon should be classified as an adult chopine and not for children because sexuality is a strong content in this video, even though, it does not show foreign images, but the behavior of the characters is not the best for a child to watch.Therefore, I think that it doesnt bet how innocent cartoons look, parents should always pay attention on what their kids are watching on TV or on the Internet. In addition, the adults version is a good idea of the author, because, young adults can learn from this story too. Some people would say that adult sdont need to learn about those things, but others would say that it is good for adults to read and learn from this kind of stories. I agree with those people because some adults either women or men dont really know how to brook in an appropriate way or how take care of themselves. Therefore, I believe that adults should learn from fairy tales, because these stories are easier and windy to learn a lesson from (learn their attributes, good manners, and behaviors). But adults are the ones who choose what they want to learn and which character they want to represent in real life. Another quote that I can bring up is when the writer says, It may take another 200 years for us to undo all lessons Red Ridding Hood, and the wolf as well, were forced to learn(P.9).On the one hand, this line is saying that women need to learn how to behave in a way that a real woman should do it. But on the other hand, it is also saying that there are many men who need to learn how to treat and appreciate women and give them their place as a woman. In the story we see that the wolf is compared as a man and hes the bad apple of the story/life, but not every man is a bad apple because we saw that in the fairy tale there was a hunter that became the hero of the tale. Therefore I can say that men have the decision if they want to become a hero or they want to be the bad apple of the story.While I was indicant Perraults critical version, I learned many things from it, I will point the most germane(predicate) and interesting lines that I loved the most. First, he was one of the first writers of childrens books (books that were realistic and related to real life). Secondly, Perrault says, Accustomed to being the center of attention, Little Red Ridding Hood stops to listen to the wolf and tries and tarries in woods. The child seek to amuse herself, and she ends her shot life by being the object of the wolfs amusement. In other words, sometimes women are responsible of men depravation again st them because some women try to catch mens attention by seducing them, but they end up being mens victims. equitable as my mother always says, if women want to be complianceed by others, they are the one who have to start respecting themselves first I agree with those words, no one will take care and respect women if they dont start giving themselves the respect they expect to receive from others.

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Personal & Professional Development Essay Example for Free

Personal Professional Development Essay1.1Cunningham1 has defined self- pluckd encyclopaedism as idealised giving action learning. Therefore, self learning is a process where the bookman develops their learning goals, decides on strategies to make it happen, identifies resources needed to achieve it and adopts the process to evaluate their achievement.Self managed learning corporationister that be effective if a person has the ability to independently decide just about their learning and can manage this without much institutional support. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that most people, though sense the need for such learning go up, are unable to identify and manage their learning without guidance and support from an institution. Hence, people go to an institution to learn.However, It is the responsibility of the learner to take charge of their learning. In an adult learning environment, where most learners nourish been out of touch with learning for a while, i t is important that the tutors initially provide hands on approach to guide the learners. Gradually, tutor dependency reduces and the learner moves to a greater extent self dependent, starting to manage their learning more effectively. Self learning process can be facilitated through research, using online tools such as meshwork logs, wikis, search engine facilities, use of accessible software and other multimedia tools such as audio and video equipment.1.2Lifelong learning is a process that takes place throughout an individuals disembodied spirit based on their life experiences, interaction with others and go of different circumstances which are used to get ahead knowledge. It is, defined as the ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for either in-person or professional reasons2).There are various methods of learning, which can be termed as life long learning. These are Home reading People learning at home rather than at an institute. Adult education Enrolling in an adult learning course to gain formal talents for work or leisure. Continuing education Courses to gain push knowledge without getting any formal cleverness. Knowledge work On-the-job training but can also include practical courses for professional development. Personal learning environment Using a range of sources and tools including online applications.Lifelong learning is the most effective way to enhance personal and professional development. Therefore, all the to a higher place methods should be encouraged and used to gain germane(predicate) knowledge in relation to an individuals goals and aspirations. A method used by a person depends on what their personal learning goals are, and on the answers to the key questions of what, when, where, how and why.1.3The benefits of self managed learning to individuals and organisations are many fold. The key benefits are Ability to choose the topic Allows people to pick and choose what they are going to learn, and who they are going to learn from, depending on personal level of knowledge and preferences. Determining the schedule Allows people to adapt learning process to their personal agenda, without depending on time schedules imposed by others. Learning with lovingness Topic is chosen based on what the learner wants to learn, making the learner more engaged and the learning process more enjoyable. Sense of accomplishment and joy As the learner has chosen the topic, it provides greater degree of satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment in spite of appearance learners. More productive life As it is a learner guided process, there is more passion and commitment within the learner about their learning, enhancing their chances of securing more expertise in the area. Develop expertise and acquisition After gaining skill and expertise in the chosen field, a person is more likely to become an expert in the area, with others seeking their expertise and be testamenting to pay for it. 2. 1Since leaving school, I present worked within the catering sector all my working life, initially as a General auxiliary in the kitchen, helping cook and chef. However, through my competence and performance, I was able to gradually rise to the order of Head Chef, with people working under my supervision. This allowed me to deem experience of managing people effectively in a challenging fast moving environment.In addition, I was able to gain adequate knowledge and go steadying about various health safety guidelines through relevant training, including gaining relevant qualifications. I was able to follow with the professional standards for a Chef through the training I received. Also, working closely with the management, I was able to understand fully the key aims and objectives of the line of line of reasoning and localizeed on ensuring that through my work, I help the business to fulfill them.It is important for a eating place to provide good quality food and customer s ervice the deuce key aspect for such business. Unless the quality of the food and the level of customer service is to their satisfaction, customers will non come back, which is vital for a business. So, my role as a Head Chef is crucial to the success of the company. Since the restaurant is doing well, I feel confident that I cod contributed towards the achievement of the companys aims and objectives, complying with the professional standards compulsory for my job.2.2Having worked in the kitchen all my working life, I would now like to have a change of race and move to management, where I would like to manage the whole business, either by setting up my protest restaurant or be employed in a restaurant owned by others. In order to help me achieve my aim, I would need proper qualification, understanding and knowledge about how to manage a restaurant efficiently. Therefore, my development needs are as follows How to devise an effective business broadcast How to prepare a compre hensive sales and marketing strategy How to be a competent business manager How to manage a business efficiently and profitablyIn order to acquire the knowledge required to achieve those aims, I need to enrol in a business course which will not only allow me to have the relevant knowledge but would also enable me to have thorough understanding of these areas, resulting in a qualification.In addition to the areas mentioned above, I also need to focus on some other areas, such as enhancing my literacy and numeracy skills as it would be necessary if I am to manage to restaurant. I also need to improve my social and communication skills too, which is vital for a business within the hospitality sector.2.3 Since I dont currently have any formal qualification other than GCSE, the only way for me to achieve my goal of enrolling in a course to acquire relevant knowledge and gain qualification would be to enrol in a course that does not have an entry requirement of any formal qualification and would accept someone with only GCSE. So, I started researching about various courses available that is relevant to me and is available for people who only have GCSE. I have place that the stock Management HND is the best course for me as it offers all relevant aspects to help me achieve my developmental needs while allowing people with only GCSE to enrol.Therefore, I have enrolled in this course. However, I am staidly considering taking this further and go into further studies on business management, either through university or an slack course in continuing education, which may not result in a formal qualification but would provide me with the knowledge I need to achieve my goals. I feel that enrolling in the Business management HND is the first step towards achieving my aim of acquiring all relevant information and gain relevant qualifications regarding running a successful restaurant business. I also researched about courses to facilitate my aim of enhancing my literacy, numeracy, social and communication skills and have identified some of the courses that will be relevant to me and would assist me in achieving my goals.

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How Women Changed During the Civil War Essay Example for Free

How Women Changed During the polished struggle EssayThe courtly War was a defining moment in American history. It was the eccentric which determined the fate of the nation as the American community was divided into two opposing sides. It was withal a time of significant social change. The strongm of war previously belonged to the men it was the male soldiers who fought in the battlefields. However, the genteel War altered the situation. The status of women dramatic onlyy changed as they became active go badicipants in the war effort. Indeed, the Civil War opened many opportunities for women and allowed them to be active members of parliamentary procedure.This research paper aims to discuss how women changed during the American Civil War, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the said changes. In the 19th Century America, men dominated society and women were regarded as inferior to them. Women lived under the authority of the opposite sex, either that of the fat her, husband or a nonher sexual congress (Massey, 1994). They were confined in the domestic sphere their main concerns were their home and family. Women had no voice in the policy-making arena because only the men had dealt with public affairs.Not only was it objectionable for women to fulfill mens jobs, it was also disagreeable for them to wear mens clothes (Eggleston, 2003). When the Civil War began, the social lines were blurred. Women on the spur of the moment were presented the chance to go beyond their realm and participate in the world of men. They were given roles and jobs that were not social to them forwards. Both the Union and the Confederacy allowed women to take part in the war effort. For the first time, the government allowed women to get down doctors and nurses (Eggleston, 2003). Women also served as messengers and spies.Meanwhile, there are also those women whose contri notwithstandingions were domestic in nature these include cooking, as well as mending and se wing uniforms for the soldiers (Eggleston, 2003 Silber, 2005). These activities may have been the same as those women were tasked to do in the past however, there was a significant change. Before, women only did those jobs due to the indispensability in the household. During the war, the women did those jobs due to the necessity of the nation. Their domestic activities were no longer performed for private purposes they had become part of the public affairs.However, women were not merely still participants. They were also directly involved in the war effort as soldiers. The battlefield was reserved for males, but the females eventually found themselves fighting the same war. Women became soldiers by forbearing their real identities (Eggleston, 2003). thither were many reasons wherefore women opted to disguise themselves as male soldiers. There were those who fought in the war to either escape from their betrothal or to be with their loved ones. Some maxim the war as an adventure and craved its excitement.There were others who saw fighting for its financial benefits and the opportunity to better provide for their families. Meanwhile, there were women who took part in the Civil War for more noble reasons they went to war because they were compelled by duty and patriotism (Eggleston, 2003). Women had to resort to extreme measures to appear equivalent male soldiers. There were women who were immediately discharged because the way they acted revealed their real identities (Eggleston, 2003). Meanwhile, there were women who dramatically changed their actions and behavior before enlistment to successfully disguise themselves.They modified the color of their complexion and learned how to chew tobacco. They used vests with pads to conceal their breasts the pads also made them seem more bulky and masculine (Eggleston, 2003). Having women disguised as men in war had its share of difficulties. The problems arose from the different toilet habits as well as other person al routines (Eggleston, 2003). Nonetheless, the enlisting of issue men in the troops proved to be advantageous for the female soldiers. The army consisted largely of boys, who were still shy and reserved around each other.Most of them were hesitant to relieve themselves in the participation of other soldiers to attend their toilet needs, they had to hide in the woods or others areas which offered privacy. The meek nature of young men was beneficial for the female soldiers because it allowed them to seek privacy without appearing unusual. In addition, the young men of the army have not yet started shaving, so it did not appear unusual for the females if they did not shave (Eggleston, 2003). It is unprecedented that women have finally reached the public realm during the Civil War, even if they had to pretend as men to do so.However, that kind of participation had disadvantages. Women who had successfully kept their real identities hidden as part of the army suffered all the diffi culties which came with war (Eggleston, 2003). Female soldiers were held captive by their opponents, brought to prison camps and killed in the battlefields. There were those who perished and buried without their real identities discovered. Because women soldiers were not supposed to be fighting in the war, their participation in the war was previously not acknowledged.There were even those who denied the direct involvement of women as soldiers (Blanton, n. d. ). The non-recognition of women fighters in the Civil War prevented the discovery of the total yield of female soldiers who offered their services. The numbers available on record are merely estimates. This situation posited a real problem, as it undermined and ignored the contributions of women in the battlefield. During the American Civil War, women changed because they went beyond the roles that were initialed assigned to them.The war effort presented them to interpose the public realm of men and participate in it. Women h ad indeed changed during that time, as they progressed from housewives to participants in war. Women even came in disguise to become soldiers. While it is a great thing that women became active members of the community, some of their contributions were not know or accurately recorded because of their secret identities. Nonetheless, this does not diminish that fact that women were a significant part of the American Civil War. References Blanton, D.(n. d. ). Women soldiers and nurses of the American civil war. American Civil War Website. Retrieved March 13, 2009, from http//americancivilwar. com/women/index. html Eggleston, L. G. (2003). Women in the Civil War Extraordinary Stories of Soldiers, Spies, Nurses, Doctors, Crusaders and Others. North Carolina McFarland. Massey, M. E. (1994). Women in the Civil War. Nebraska University of Nebraska Press. Siber, N. (2005). Daughters of the Union northerly Women Fight the Civil War. Cambridge, Massachusetts Harvard University Press.

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The capability of culture Essay Example for Free

The capability of culture searchThe capability of culture to transcend and influence peoples action and decision making processes appease to be seen since time in memorial. It tries to reach out into many diverse fields of study and tries to comprise an explanation that these things are influenced by many perceptions, action and ideals present during a feature time frame. It is by dint of this that culture can be argued to have a practical protect or utility. In understand this relationship, one must be keen to understand its notion. Since the term refers to the shared beliefs, ideals, and practices of groups of individuals at a prone particular time, they continuously try to shape the actions of society as a whole (Klamer, 2002). One distinguished notion that culture has a practical value because it individual actions can be interpreted employ the sociological notion. People can create decision making processes that are influenced by the norms and traditions a particu lar group advocates (Klamer 2002).Similarly, its practical value spreads into different branches as individuals tries to perceive an understanding that though their action whitethorn have been independent and individualistic in orientation, it is a collective effort because their decisions are governed by numerous factors that are equally important and needs to be considered (Klamer, 2002). In addition, our own actions can be embodiments and gun for the creation of a new trend that can help to either catapult or function the idea of culture forward or backward.Our individual and collective decisions can contribute to the how we address the value of culture in our lives. Due to this, we can either contribute to the redefinition of what we perceive is the value of culture or play a part in formally establishing the link of the term in its utility and general impact in our lives.ReferenceKlamer, A. (2002) Value of Culture. Retrieved November 17, 2008. 465-469.

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Possitive and Negative Influences on Growth and Development Essay Example for Free

Possitive and Negative Influences on Growth and Development EssayIncome is the money that comes into the home. This could be paid through employment, savings, and investments or from benefits that for give-up the ghost be paid by the government if a person is unemployed or who have a disability. usance is money spent to provide for everyday living needs, the marrow of expenditure is determined through sign of the zodiac income.PositiveIf you have a high income it allows you better choices of housing, diet, education, health services and transport. Having a higher income forget lead to a higher expenditure, having this it pull up s bump offs lead to a better life style. Accommodation will be to a greater extent sufficient and there will slight chance of health risks, this will amount to a better quality living. Affording to pay for health anxiety such as private care or just being able to afford for medication if you fall ill. If you have a more wealthy expenditure you wi ll have a better source of food and more opportunities for flip products and less processed foods. More extravagant food such as rich foods and wines are cheap and are a good boost. Being able to afford transport will allow an freehanded the ability to get to and from places such as further education. A steady income will produce less variant and worry if everything is under control.NegativeBeing able to afford heating bills will encumber illnesses such as respiratory problems, this will be caused to lack of heating and this will amount to extend in damp. Unnecessary household problems from lack of income can cause debt. More processed foods will be in the diet as they are a lot cheaper than fresh fruit and vegetables for example. Health will plummet dramatically if sufficient heating and health care is not in place. Heart attacks, stress and depression are all part of having an unhealthy life style. Having a low income makes it difficult to get about using public transport or walking tends to be the only option, so to take part in further education it may be difficult and will put a lot of lower income family off going into further education.HousingHousing is important to every person. It is where you recognize and a place to make memories.

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Odyssey bibliography Essay Example for Free

Odyssey bibliography EssayOdysseus was cardinal of the famous Greek poets. He was Laertes and Anticleas son and was marital to Penelope (a char thought to be inordinately faithful) and was a return to Telemachus. Odysseus was the king of Ithaca, a favorite place in A indeeds, and was one of the hardly a(prenominal) Greeks that returned alkali safely from troy weight and the Trojan War though it took a cristalacious time to begin with they returned. He is believed to use up written some poems in the end of eighth atomic number 6 BC. Odysseus was among the leader of Achaeans who wee-wee contributed to most part of Greek literary works.In his different walks of life, he is view as a whizz and in other side as a failure, in the focus of his bibliography as written by homer, his participation in Trojan war and his tricks that made him stand unique paving way for his mastery in his missions. He was a family man who focused on achievements and did not believe on failures , he believed in as supernatural power of gods that were making him strong in believe that they were in his hold in in the victory. The essay focuses on the life line of Odysseus, participation and pieces as salubrious as his graphic symbol traits as narrated by different poets and other literatures. Joachim, 2005)Odysseus early life When Odysseus was a young boy, he exhibited on his talent his main fond was archery and was excelling on it. Young Odysseus was fond of hunting with his dog, Argos, he could not hindrance doing what he liked no matter the challenges example is when he was gored by a bear and left(p) a scar on his thigh. The scar was a lifetime mark that would help his old cling to Eurycleia when he returned from his wonderings. He was know to mind less about the appearance, some people went far as byword that he had bandy-legged, but when he began talking, he was unstoppable.His insight brought him closer to goddess genus Athene he became his guardian at troy a nd later on the sea. Odysseus became one of the original suitors of Helen of troy. He came woo her in Sparta for it was expect of him though his main interest was in her cousin Penelope. To avoid dispute among the suitors that were interested in Helen, Odysseus suggested to her father to help him win Penelope, Helens cousin, her father feared the preference of one suitor. Odysseus suggested to Tyndareus to exact an oath to all suitors that they depart defend the favored suitor and protect his marriage against anything wrong that whitethorn be done to him.Helen married Menelaus of the cursed horse. Icarius of Lacedaemon, the Penelopes father, offered his daughter to Odysseus, the man who defeated him in foot race. Penelopes father, the old king of Lacedaemon was trying to make the newly wedded couples to stay in Lacedaemon but Odysseus refused and fare for Ithaca. After much insisting, Odysseus had to bade to his wife either to move with him or return to her father. Penelope did no t respond but instead she covered her face which was a clear indication that she wished to move with her husband, this was a clear prove of her cleverness and wily as her husband. Martin, 2007) On arrival in Ithaca, Odysseus had to build a new palace for him and his new bride. The couple got a son, it did not take long before the give-and-take came to them that Paris had eloped Helen. After the Paris abducted Helen, her father invoked an oath of Tyndareus, Odysseus refused to make good out of it. He fictive to be mad just to proof his sanity after he avoided hitting a child. (Kayakas, 1988) Odysseus pillowcase Odysseus is described as a hero due to his cunning intelligence.The use of deceptive speech describes him well and is well manifested in his character traits as a peer of Zeus in counsel. His disguising character takes potpourri altering his appearance and verbal, this may be seen in the event when he blinded Cyclops when he told him that his name was nobody the managed to escape after blinding Polyphemus. When polyphemuss was screaming and Cyclops asks him why he was doing that, he verbalize that nobody is hurting him, every one (Cyclopes) thought no one was hurting him and may be he was suffering in the hands of immortal Zeus.According to Odyssey of kor, it is evident that Odysseus was arrogant and proud, as he sailed away from the Cyclopss island, he boasted as he shouted his name saying that no one defeat him big Odysseus. The Cyclopes were not happy with him and the threw bitter words to him as he tells his father that Odysseus blinded him which enraged Poseidon and caused the god to curse Odysseus home coming and delayed for a long time. (Rodney, 2006) Odysseus events Odysseus events are narrated and given from the middle of the plot this has been done through flash back ends and story telling.The later motives have done this through imitation, examples of these authors are Virgil and Aeneid, the modern poets were not left behind such as po pe Alexander in the mock epic, mock-heroic also commonly know as the rape of the rock. At first we find Odysseus trying to assert control on the household and later at Athenas advice while in search for news commercial enterpriseing his lost fathers. Odysseus was a captive for a long time of the beautiful nymph Calypso who he had spent with his seven years of his lost ten years. (Karykas, 2003)After his release by intercession of his patroness Athena, he leaves and his raft was destroyed by his known enemy Poseidon who was much annoyed because Odysseus had blinded Polyphemus his son. Odysseus washed up Scherie, which was the home to Phaeacians and is assist by Nausicaa who treats him with great hospitability. When he returned he narrated about his adventures since he left troy to Phaeacians and the leader of his adventures satisfying their curiosity. This flash back extends back to where Odysseus stands and his tale told.Odysseus got a ship through loan from shipbuilding Phaeacian s to return to Ithaca, he is assisted by swine hearder Emaeus to meet Telemachus, in the process he got back his house hold and managed to kill the suitors and then he was able to reunite with his faithful Penelope, his wife. Odyssey is divided into 24 books in all modern editions and translations. The put across contained there in is convincing but not original, Alexandrian editors developed this by 3rd century BC. Through the period, the books have been given different titles. Barry, 2006) Odysseus and culture Different cultures have risen in concern of Odysseus some of the cultures describe him as a hero and others as a scoundrel. Odysseus was ruling the Cephallenians, this were the people who were dwelling house on the islands that was on the northwest coast of Greece. His palace was on the rocky island of Ithaca, compared to other Greek princes that were combat at troy he was not as wealthy as them though he was alive a comfortable life. (Malcom, 2000) Trojan WarAccording t o myths of Greek, the Trojan war was war that was Achaeans against the city of troy after Helen was stolen by troy of Paris from her husband Menelaus who was the King of Sparta. Trojan War was among the most principal(prenominal) events that happened in the Greek mythology which was narrated by many and different works of Greek literature that included the Iliad, Homer and the Odyssey. Trojan War believed to have originated from a quarrel between the Aphrodite, Athena and Hera goddesses after the Eris, goddess of strife and dissonance offered them a golden apple, and this is also referred to as apple of discord that was marked to be the fairest.When the goddess went to Paris and judged that Aphrodite as the fairest and should be the one to receive the apple. In exchange apple, Aphrodite made Helen to be the most beautiful woman and fallen in love with Paris who would take her to troy. Achaeans desecrated temples and they slaughtered Trojans, they got the peevishness of gods, only few of the Achaeans returned home safely while others found colonies in different places in the shores. The Romans were led by one of the live on Trojan to their origin, Italy. Wood, 1998) Odyssey describes the Odysseus journey home. He was among the Achaean leaders. Other parts of the war have been narrated by rhythm method of birth control of epic poems, though has survived in fragments. The war episodes were important for they provided materials for the Greek literature and for the Roman poets like Ovid and Virgil. Odysseus had fought for to a greater extent than ten years in the Trojan War before he came up with the idea of woody horse. This was probable the reason why wily or crafty was attached to his name.Odysseus incurred another decade on the way before arriving home after blinding Poseidons Cyclops son that brought a wrath to him. This delayed him to arrive in time so this covers him and his crews return way to Ithaca from Trojan War. (Jonathan, 2004) Dilemma of Odysse y though the ancient Greeks great epic poems were attributed to the confusing figure of homer, not much is known about him and the contribution of odyssey beyond his name being attached to the poems. There is some doubt whether homer was the real author of Odyssey and Iliad.Homer played a primary role in shaping the master work, much is said about the probability of his contribution, if he is the real author, he must be a great literature artist. Odysseys are the most influential poems Odysseus epics are used in the Greek education and culture end-to-end the age and have formed a backbone of human education from the time of Roman imperium and spread of Christianity. The translation of odysseys have brought an impact on Renaissance culture of Italy, this have helped in forming European tradition.The poems are of some use in determining when Homer and Odysseus lived, this gives a clue that make it flourishing to assume that they lived around 8th century, The Odyssey may belong clos er to this period. The dilemma behind this is that odysseys were oral this was to be passed through generations till the time of writing. Odysseus own means of poems are through singing. Another dilemma is what would make believe the accuracy of when epics came to written form. (Michael, 1976) ConclusionOdysseus was a man of different character no one could genuinely describe his character confidently. He was a man of high moral and he used his cleverness to avoid what he wanted and avoid what seemed not good for him. During the Trojan War, Odysseus was a man his gathering could not do without his mode of decision making was quite unique and stood as a keystone for the victory. The life of Odysseus was a life well lived, he left a legend behind that would fashion a literature to learned in European education, this was an epic that taught much of the Greeks empire and history.

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Clovis People Essay Example for Free

Clovis People EssayDNA harvested from the system of an baby buried 13,000 eld ago confirms that the earliest widespread culture in North America was descended from humanness who crossed over to the New World from Asia, scientists say. The look, detailed in this weeks issue of the journal Nature, alike suggests that umpteen contemporary homegrown Americans are direct descendants of the so-called Clovis battalion, whose distinctive endocarp tools lead been ready scattered across North America and Mexico. The origins and genetic legacy of the people who made Clovis tools have been topics of argue among scientists. While most archaeologists think that the Clovis people were descended from Asians, an alternative theory suggests that the Clovis ancestors emigrated from southwestern Europe during the Last north-polar Maximum more than 15,000 years ago. The new findings strongly refute that idea, known as the Solutrean hypothesis, give tongue to playing area co-author Mich ael Waters, director of the Center for the Study of the First Americans at Texas AM University. This shows precise clearly that the root of the very first Americans can be traced back to Asia, Waters verbalize.David Anderson, an anthropologist at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, agreed. Theres been a standard sit about for a long time that modern Native Americans are descended from populations coming from East Asia a fewer thousand years before Clovis, and thats what this finding reinforces, said Anderson, who was not involved in the study. Anthropologist Dennis Jenkins of the University of Oregon said the new study was a really important and really well done piece of research that opens the door for new kinds of genetic comparisons among ancient Native American remains.The importance of this cannot be overemphasized, said Jenkins, who also did not participate in the research. People have often asked me whats the relationship of the Paisley Cavesa post in Oregon where h uman feces and artifacts up to 13,200 years old have been foundto Clovis, and Ive always said that would be really nice to know, but there hasnt been any Clovis DNA until now, he said. Oldest Burial in North America.The chassis of the Clovis childwhich experts determined belonged to a young boy about one to one-and-a-half years oldwas discovered in 1968 in the Anzick entombment site in western Montana. Dozens of ochre-covered stone tools found at the site were consistent with Clovis technology, and radiocarbon dating revealed that the skeleton was approximately 12,600 years old. The Anzick skeleton is the oldest burial in North America, and the only known human burial associated with the Clovis culture, Waters said. Photo of the site where the artifacts were found. width= PHOTOGRAPH BY MIKE WATERS The earliest known North American burial was found here in western Montana. Using bone shavings collected from the skull, the scientists painstakingly reconstructed the dependable genom e of the young Clovis child. It was actually quite a big challenge, said study leader Eske Willerslev, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark who led the sequencing effort. Only 1 to 2 percent of the collected DNA was human, Willerslev said. The slackening of it came from bacteria that invaded the skeleton after death. Comparison studies of the ancient DNA showed that it was similar to the genomes of ancient people bread and butter in Siberia and the ancestors of East Asians. The team also discovered a deep genetic affinity amongst the boys genetic material and those of 52 Native American populations living in South America and Canada. The Anzick remains share a common ancestry with almost every modern Native American separate that we looked at, Waters said. This is an incredible result, Willerslev said, because it suggests that the relatives of the Anzick child were the direct ancestors of most Native American groups living today.This would be pos sible, he added, if the population of humans living in the New World about 13,000 years ago was very small and every member was closely related to the others. The scientists say they strongly suspect, but cannot yet prove, that Native Americans in the United States are also closely related to the Clovis people. Native American groups in the U. S. have been reluctant to share their DNA, or the DNA of their ancestors, with scientists. Unfortunately, we dont have much genetic material for native people living in the United States, Waters said.If you look at the genetic map of humans around the world, the U. S. is a big blank spot. Jenkins of the University of Oregon said he hopes the new study will lead to except collaborations between scientists and U. S. Native American groups. That trust has got to be developed, and thats where Willerslevs group really excelled, Jenkins said. Well be amend anthropologists and scientists if we view these remains more as the remains of people rathe r than just artifacts.

The Level of Performance in Principles of Management Essay Example for Free

The Level of Performance in Principles of focusing EssayIntroductionThe aim of success of Bachelor of Science in Business face freshmen achieved in their midterm of first semester of college has far-reaching implications for scholarly persons personal and professional lives. Student success has an immediate influence on a savants self-esteem, persistence in elected majors, and perseverance in higher education. mastery in early semesters at college also ultimately impacts students post-college experiences, such as locomote choice, personal income and level of success, and degree and nature of participation in community life. Thus, the experience a student has in the prefatorial college classes she or he attends can have a significant influence on the course of that students adult life.Management is not an absolute rather it is soci aloney and culturally determined. Across all cultures and in all societies, wad coming together to perform certain collective acts encounter cat valium problems having to do with establishing direction, coordination and motivation.Anyone that has worked in distinguishable arguments throughout their life can tell you that there argon many diverse styles of worry. Sometimes thats defined by a company, which sets rules and regulations well-nigh how managers must carry out their job duties. In other companies, each manager manages in the way he or she feels is most impelling or most comfortable. The way management is handled in a company can usually be tied(p) to a specific management theory. Our lessons go out guide you through a variety of those theories.This composition would let us know what could possibly be the problem that affects the performance of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration freshmen. This may also be an instrument in expressing and letting the College Administration be more aware of the needs of the students.Statement of the ProblemThe study aimed to determine the level of performanc e in Principles of Management of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration first year students in University of Federal Philippines.Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of the following factorsa. sex,b. present address,c. home address,d. well-behaved status,e. type of school graduated,f. occupation of father,g. occupation of mother,h. family monthly income?2. What is the level of performance of the BSBA first year students in Principles of Management in UNP?3. Is there a significant relationship between the profile of the respondents and their performance in Principles of Management?Scope and DelimitationThe study focused on the level of performance in Principles of Management of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration first year students in the University of Northern Philippines.The respondents were chosen by purposive sampling. There were 60 respondents represented the whole BSBA first ye ar students. A questionnaire checklist was constructed by the researchers to determine the level of performance of the respondents in University of Northern Philippines particularly in the College of Business Administration and Accountancy. supposititious FrameworkBusiness principles and management focuses on the staples of finance, marketing, operations, and management. The theme of career planning permeates the subject matter. The student will explore many career fields and will be encouraged to think more or less and plan success as a business professional in one of the many career opportunities presented in the course. The course examines business in real life situations. The student is encouraged to think virtually the ethics of business practice, including the goal of improving society through business, and the global impact of business operations, as well as the fundamentals of earning a profit and managing a successful enterprise. Marketing, financial management, business and technology, consumer credit, banking, nest egg and investment strategies, production and risk management are just some of the topics covered in this basic course.Anyone that has worked in different jobs throughout their life can tell you that there are many different styles of management. Sometimes thats defined by a company, which sets rules and regulations about how managers must carry out their job duties. In other companies, each manager manages in the way he or she feels is most effective or most comfortable. The way management is handled in a company can usually be tied to a specific management theory. Our lessons will guide you through a variety of those theories. We have lessons that will address theories including classical management, classical scientific, classical administrative, neo-classical, behavioural management and modern. Youll get to moderate real examples and be provided with explanations of all these different management styles. Our lessons will help you to understand what theories work best in different situations, so you can clearly see how to match a company setting to a management style. Lessons will also give you the chance to look at related concepts in management theory.For example, youll see how Maslows Hierarchy of Needs can be used in management and how it relates to the Needs Theory. Learn about the two types of managers. See how each type functions and what each type has to offer to his or her company and employees. get wind a look at organizational change in relation to management, as well. There are many experts in the field of management who have contributed to management theories. We have lessons that will introduce you to these experts ( similar goo Weber, Frederick Taylor and Henry Gnatt) and explain their roles in the field. Our lessons cover research and concepts such as Gilbreths Motion deliberate, Fayols Principles of Management and the Hawthorne Effect. Study things wish well Mary Parker Folletts ideas on people-oriented management and a group-network approach to management. Learn more about theories, like Chester Barnards ideas on informal organization and acceptance theory of management.The purpose of the course is to enable you to think like a manager and to provide you with the basic information you need to be successful as a manager. You will learn the functions of management, the tools that managers use, and the vocabulary youll need to understand management and business communications and publications. By instruction what managers do, you will be better able to function in a management position, integrate veridical from other relevant courses, and decide whether you are interested in a career in management. Managing people is not easy. However, it can be done successfully. And it can be a very rewarding experience. mobilise that management, like any other skill, is something that you can improve at with study and practice.